1. What’s the reason that KOI Thé switched to FIFTYLAN for the United States’ market?

KOI Thé adopted its sister’s brand name FIFTYLAN for the U.S. market due to our business strategy and global branding re-alignment. To better show where we originated, we restarted our journey with FIFTYLAN in the United States.

 2. Do you guys offer franchising FIFTYLAN?

As of right now, both FIFTYLAN locations are still operating under the direct management of HQ.

3. Does FIFTYLAN offer the same menu as the stores in Taiwan?

As of right now, the menu remains the same as before. However, we will continue to bring some of the signature beverages to our menu and to explore more local flavor beverage options to the U.S. market.

4. Will you continue to sell KOI PLUS products in stores and online?

As of right now, we stop selling tea products online. There are some loose tea leaves available to purchase in-store at our Union Square location. We will also continue to explore and experiment with new products. You can follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date on the latest launches.


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